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Learn more about Flygen Media and our social media agency team!

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Founder & Director

Branding & Social Media Strategist

Successfully worked on 400+ creative projects in the last 4 years as a social media content designer

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Creative Designer

Social Media Content Strategist & Copywriter

with 3+ years of experience working with various brands on social media management


Hey there!


I'm Vinay Mundhe, Founder and Director of Flygen Media- A branding and social media agency. At Flygen Media, we design a unique brand identity for your business and help you to reach out to your ideal customers through social media.

It all started in 2016 when I was in college pursuing my bachelor's, and I explored the world of graphic design. I started working as a freelance graphic designer in my spare time and helped small businesses with their social media content and other creative work.

The constant process of learning and the curiosity to know more about the world of social media helped me to gain a lot more experience in the field. Our work grew and I decided to bring Shubham Pawar on board. He started as a graphic designer and copywriter, and joined me to form our perfect social media team. Gradually, we started working in-depth on branding, and social media content creation.

Now at Flygen Media, We have worked on over 400+ creative projects successfully. We work closely with each business to create an effective brand identity that resonates with its target audience. We also create content and strategies for social media that yields more than expected ROI.


My team is only 4. Between our company reputation & my personal brand, I have my pick of the litter when it comes to talent. My criteria have always been to pay my employees the salary of 3 people - but get the output of 10 people from them. This directly affects your costs. You're not paying for my bloated company payroll, you're paying for the best talent available in the industry.

No Office:

This is something we've debated for a while but decided rather than paying a lot of rent per month for an office in India - it's better we stay remote because rather than you having to pay for our luxury office & expensive coffee machines.

Lean Thinking:

You'll notice this idea of resourcefulness & lean thinking permeates into everything we do as an agency. There is a process and system for everything we do as a service provider. We know the structure is the only way to get results over a long timeline. We view the world of social media and marketing as part science, part art.

We are so excited to help you!

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Founder. Flygen Media

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